How To Write a Reflective Essay?

Have you ever drafted your experience of being at the beach or trekking hills on paper? Probably NO right! 

Okay, so have you ever read an essay crafted on the personal experience of someone on special occasions or events?

The essays, which are completely curated in terms of personal experience on various events and incidents connecting readers mentally and emotionally, are called Reflective Essays. 

Reflective Essay topics are vivid, for example, the experience of trekking, special events, college events, any lecture or speech, etc. Nowadays, reflection essays have become part and parcel of the academic curriculum where a teacher assigns a task of writing on personal experiences to students. If you haven’t written any reflective essay or if you are unaware of how to write a reflective essay, then you will learn every detail of writing a reflective essay in this article. 


What is the Outline of the Reflective Essay?

The outline of the Reflective essays is similar to that of the other essays with an introduction, body, and conclusion. But they are based on the self-experience of various incidents of one’s life where the writer puts in every point in detail. In short, Reflective essays are well-curated and structured stories or a diary entry.




The introduction is what makes the reader adhere to your writing until the end, innovative and impressive introduction is appreciated in Reflective Writings. In the introduction part, you need to display the incidents and key points, which are going to be part of the essay with an extraordinary beginning.   




The body part of the essay can illustrate in three main subparts:

  1. Experience Column: You need to pen down the key experience starting from the highest preference points to the lowest preference points. 
  2. Personal Experience Column: In this column, you need to draft the passages, which include the opinions, changes, impacts experienced by the writer.
  3. Endpoints: Before you conclude the writing, the body part of the article needs to end up with a conclusion part where you need to make the reader think for a minute what he would do if he was in your position. 



In the conclusion part of the reflective writing, you need to sum up the key points described in the article briefly and should conclude with a good moral or personal note.

The process involved in writing a reflective essay


  • Choosing a Topic


If you’re assigned to a certain topic, then work out on it. But, if you aren’t assigned any topic, then it is crucial to select the topic in which you are pro and can draft a well-constructed article. Topics like-

Emotional Experience

  1. Failure or success story
  2. Special events or days
  3. The special person or conversation
  4. Speeches or lectures 


  1. Hill stations or mountains
  2. Beaches or trekking
  3. Grandma’s home or relatives home
  4. Summer vacation or festivals at a relatives home etc


Influential Experience


  1. Favorite books or novels
  2. TV shows, radio shows, or any programs
  3. Social Media
  4. Blogs, articles, or magazines 
  • Experiencing the Incidents Again

When you are clear about your topic, collect the information, which relates to your subject. When you collected the key points, try to recollect and recapture the incidents that happened in your past or in that particular situation. Close your eyes and memorize the incident so deeply bit-by-bit and enjoy the feeling again as you are experiencing at present. In this way, you can draft the writing more effectively and impressively.

  • Draft the Outline of the Essay and Start Writing

After you gathered the key points and key experiences, now it’s time to bring the basic outline to the essay. The outline of the article constitutes the points that should be inserted in the introduction, body, and conclusion parts of the writing. And then start writing including the gathered key points.

  • Proofread

When you’re done with the writing, proofread the article for grammatical errors and mistakes thoroughly. Proofreading more than three times will be fruitful.




Writing a Reflective Essay takes a long time and one should need to embrace the lines. If you can’t make readers immersed in your writing, then your writing will bluff. That’s why Content Sharp is here to assist you by curating a well-constructed essay where your reader will love your style of writing and applause the writing. We are more than 100 professional writers who strictly adhere to deadlines and provide writings with 0% plagiarism and grammar mistakes. Contact us for further details.

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