5 Tips How to Write a One Page Essay Fast in an Hour

Writing an essay is not difficult, but writing an engaging and meaningful essay is not easy. A lot of research and meaning flow is necessary to write an effective essay.

If you are here to read this article, it is considered you are late in your essay writing work, or you are so close to your deadline and because of it, you are here to find the best solution on how to write an essay fast. Before seeing any solution, you must know writing adequate essay hardness and must prepare yourself for it.

Sometimes you might feel that your hands start sweating because you have a short time to make things complete.

Still, you do not find the solution for how to write an essay fasterDon’t worry; there are two options to overcome such a situation.

First, you can still sit idle and wait for the fairy to come and complete the assignment for you. Second, Research to find tips on the fastest way to write an essay and get the work done on time, even if you have only one hour left.


Take Professional Help:


Most people say fairy does not exist, but it exists only; you need a pair of eyes to find them. We are professional essay writing services that are happy to help you with our essay writing service and hand over your essay writing assignment work before the deadline.


Write an Essay on Your Own:


Sometimes you need to write an essay on a completely new topic. If you write on your own, it will take more time, but if you are aware of the topic, you can quickly write it on your own by following the helpful tips given below.


So, stay tuned to find useful tips on how to write an essay fast


Setup Great Writing Atmosphere:


Space cleaning and finding the best place for writing work are the activities, including setting up the atmosphere. Most candidates like lying in bed or sitting in a window while writing, so it is all up to you to choose the best atmosphere. Use scented candles to wake up your brain if you like good fragrances.


A Clear Understanding of the Topic:


First, understand the topics and always start writing an essay from the beginning around the questions and take it towards the solution. Always try to maintain the flow to make your reader engaged. Sometimes essay requires some groundwork and preparation; start searching best material that helps you understand the essay vision deeply.


Prepare a Thesis Statement:


The thesis statement is the answer to your essay, which considers the summary of your essay, and it shortens your sentence in the introductory paragraph. So before writing an essay, always prepare a thesis statement.


Design Essay Outline:


First, understand the topic and make the outline that includes which section requires several words to complete, what things need to be covered in a particular section, and building essay structure.

A standard outline is something that looks like as:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion:

Just follow the above structure even if you are looking solution for how to write a 5-page essay in an hour.


Write a Paragraph in Your Way:


If you understood the topics and made the outline, it’s time to write an essay paragraph in your language so that reader can connect to you with your words. If you read the previous outline, you should not take more than thirty minutes to write an essay.

The body paragraph should be written in the following schemes

  • Always starts with the topic that defines the paragraph and helps the rest text shine
  • Define the sentences
  • Extensive use of examples
  • Explain the examples if required
  • Connect one paragraph with another transitionally.

And most important, after writing an essay, don’t forget to proofread and edit. Sometimes you write a sentence and make mistakes; all mistakes can be ironed out in the proofreading phase.


Final words:


Diving yourself into the writing assignment task is not that much easier. However, once you start, you can make it complete in just one hour only if you follow the helpful tips.

Work is worship, so never procrastinate. All the best.

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50 Unique Informative Essay Topics to Help You Get A+ Grade

While writing informative essays seems complicated for many people, it doesn’t need to be that way. The process is straightforward if that you break it into steps. 


The initial step is to select the correct topic to write an informative essay. Initially, it seems to be a complex task to write. For your help, we’ve recorded 50 great topics for an informative essay that are engaging. When you selected a topic, you should focus on that you can work around it.


What is an Informative Essay?


An informative essay is writing an article for people to acquire data from. However, it might seem like the case, yet there is more to this type of writing. To write an engaging, informative essay, you have to assume that the readers are completely unaware of it. This raises the requirement for such an essay. 


For instance, expect that you are into a game like skating. If you share the joy of sports with your friends and explain all the technical terms, it doesn’t make any sense. Because they don’t know their basics, firstly, you should tell them about the game’s basics and then introduce the technical terms.


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In these ways, the listener can have an interest in the game. So basically informative essay is explaining the topics in detail.




  • In what ways does pressure influence work or school performance? 
  • Rank the most stressful circumstances in life from 1–10 and talk about each event.
  • Examine viable pressure relief procedures.
  • Clarify how care and meditation can reduce pressure. 
  • How do physical activities and diet decisions influence feelings of anxiety?




  • For what reason do individuals Procrastination? Is there a possible profit by Procrastination? 
  • How does Procrastination influence the quality and amount of one’s work? 
  • What are the advantages of staying away from Procrastination? 
  • Improve when they perform undertakings without a second to spare? 
  • How might somebody defeat the propensity to Procrastination? Offer explicit tips. 


 Business and Financial aspects Informative Essay Ideas  


  • Elements of commercialization 
  • Nobel prize in Economics 2020 
  • Effect of demonetization 
  • Decrease in tax rates 
  • Formalization of the labor force


Compare and Contrast Informative Essay Topics Secondary


  •  School vs. School: significant contrasts. 
  • Who takes a lot of his life – students who work or jobless students? 
  •  Differences between American and British English. 
  • What makes work like schooling? 
  • The distinction between a Master’s certificate and a Ph.D. 


Informative Essay Religion 


  • Religion and mental health
  • Religion and bullying 
  • Creationism 
  • Religion and modernism
  • Religion and development


Sports and Amusement 


  • Corruption in sports 
  • Sports in school 
  • Paralympic games 
  • Game and aggression
  • Sport and traumas 


Social Issues 


  • Materialism
  • Social disparity 
  • Sex identity
  • Medications misuse 
  • Liquor addict


Cause and Effect Essay Topics


  • What are the reasons for eating disorders?
  • Effects of environmental change and worldwide warming.
  • The impacts of the Feminism movement.
  • What are the reasons for increasing depression among teenagers?
  • What are the reasons for self-destructive thoughts?


Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics 


  • Political strategies and works on influencing students
  • Is gun control powerful in decreasing crime? 
  • Muslims should not be labeled as terrorists. 
  • Is society over-regulated? Are leaders conceived or made? 
  • Third-world nations should provide with schooling plans by the created nations.


Interesting, Informative Essay Topics


  • What data do individuals get about you from your handwriting?
  • Options in traditional paddy development. 
  • Instructions to oversee pressure in working environments. 
  • Way of life-related illnesses. 
  • Millennials ‘ age’s job in changing the economy.



Students know the theme they should write on; however, they don’t have time or are bad at writing articles. That is not an issue! Our informative essay format of academic help can guide you in selecting and completing an incredible educational article topic for simple writing and getting an A+ grade essay. You can hire Content Sharp expert writers for your essay when required.


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A Complete Guide How to Write Academic Essay

Academic essay writing is a style that can easily be learned with the basics of essay writing. Academic writing has a solid and relatable thesis that is supported by relevant evidence. You can take either from your research or another source. The research paper help follows the guidelines and some basic principles for academic essay writing


What is an Academic Essay?


It is a form of writing for students, college, and university in their course. The main purpose of academic writing is to present new information or to utilize the existing knowledge or facts to present specific ideas. Through the academic essay, students can convey their knowledge and creativity to communicate a message. Academic writing is shorter in length and presents the arguments to support the author. 


Features of Academic Essay:


  • Conciseness 

These types of essays are short and in length, it is of 200 to 500 words.

  • Topic

The topic should be small in length and eye-catching.

  • Well – Structured Text

Academic writing essays are informal forms of writing but it should be well structured and have to be in a proper format.

  • Proper focus

An academic essay should have a clear point and the message should be powerful.

  • Supporting Evidence and Facts

An essay should be present with specific evidence and facts to support the arguments. 

People who are expert in academic writing essays also express themselves clearly and more confidently while speaking.


Steps to Writing an Academic Essay


  • Select Topic

The first step in writing an essay is to select the topic and develop a thesis on this statement which is to the point and precise of your essay. There are four types of essays:

  1. A narrative essay requires the author to create a compelling story that is practically imaginable.  This type of story requires creative skills. Their use will help the author to create a strong, graphic picture of their story and enhance the audience’s perception of the topic. 
  2. A descriptive essay chooses a particular thing to describe for the reader. The author requires writing subjective content and selecting the correct words. 
  3. The expository essay is written for the reader to understand the topic by providing information and facts about a particular topic.
  4. Persuasive essays are written to present an argument for the reader to feel a certain way or believe something specific.


  • Research

After selecting the topic you should start to research. If you are writing about some personal stories, research is not required. But for other types of essays, it is crucial to collect the facts that give a boost to your evidence and present accurate information. When considering write my paper for me fast, take help from online or readily information. 


  • Select the Right Source

When you are research your essay prefers academic journals, newspapers, and government websites. Visit the authorized sources for your research. Take the reference from the bottom of the wiki page which is a great way to find reputable sources. 


  • Write Essay

Begin to write an essay with a powerful introduction and your paragraph should include your statement which explains your thesis. Every paragraph should have some introduction so the readers can get the idea of the paragraph. You can attach some statistics and facts which support your arguments. After writing the body paragraph, it’s time to write a conclusion. In conclusion, you should summarize your whole essay. 

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How to Write A Narrative Essay

Life is all about stories. Everybody has a story. People use the report to create social networks, ideas, entertainment, and to inform. A good story conveys a great message to your audience. Some people thought that storytelling in essay writing is a complex task and is used by professionals. The storytelling can be acquired through practice or best essay writing, and with the right guidance, everybody can become a master. 

If you are trying to engage with the customers and try to attract new ones, storytelling is the best way to do it. The type of essay in which you include storytelling is called a narrative essay. It is written for giving arguments by personal experience. 

Spend time in research before writing an essay. You have to do an in-depth analysis. It would help if you went through some examples for storytelling. Good research needs to understand the situation and how the research topic addresses the problem. For essay writing start going through lots of storytelling essay and gets the deep understanding 


Know Your Audience


The most important aspect of storytelling is the audience. From telling the story in the essay, you should think about your target audience. Who is your account, or whom with you sharing the story? What are they looking for? The intention is to share the relevant parts to the story which relate to the market. 


Coming of Age Story


Irrespective of age, the storytelling part of essay writing you need to write. It means if you have some personal experience and life lessons, you can share in storytelling in the essay. It does not matter what your age is and how you have this experience at an early age. So the people have a connection with your article.  


Weigh the Details


One of the essential parts of narrative essay writing is to collect the details. You should explain each thing in a detailed format. Try not to include every aspect in an essay but include every detail about each storytelling essay element. If possible, have the dialogues among characters in the paper better understand your writing and the audience?  


Focus on the Core Message


Based on the audience’s needs and desires, what they want to learn from your story. Identify in what ways you can help them and how they can connect with your account. You try to focus on the core message and try to cut on the irrelevant thing, which will be easier for your audience to understand. 

Cut Down the Antagonist Thing


Sometimes it is impossible to find an antagonist in an essay, but it is possible in writing a storytelling essay. The antagonist doesn’t need to be a person, place, behavior, particular incident, etc. It means the main point on which the story revolves; when you are writing a story in the essay, you need to show the clash between antagonist and protagonist so the audience can engage with you. 

Most students don’t like to write essays, but if you pay some focus towards these steps, it will be easy for you to write. You can take help or write my term paper for me to write a professional essay for you.

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How To Write a Reflective Essay?

Have you ever drafted your experience of being at the beach or trekking hills on paper? Probably NO right! 

Okay, so have you ever read an essay crafted on the personal experience of someone on special occasions or events?

The essays, which are completely curated in terms of personal experience on various events and incidents connecting readers mentally and emotionally, are called Reflective Essays. 

Reflective Essay topics are vivid, for example, the experience of trekking, special events, college events, any lecture or speech, etc. Nowadays, reflection essays have become part and parcel of the academic curriculum where a teacher assigns a task of writing on personal experiences to students. If you haven’t written any reflective essay or if you are unaware of how to write a reflective essay, then you will learn every detail of writing a reflective essay in this article. 


What is the Outline of the Reflective Essay?

The outline of the Reflective essays is similar to that of the other essays with an introduction, body, and conclusion. But they are based on the self-experience of various incidents of one’s life where the writer puts in every point in detail. In short, Reflective essays are well-curated and structured stories or a diary entry.




The introduction is what makes the reader adhere to your writing until the end, innovative and impressive introduction is appreciated in Reflective Writings. In the introduction part, you need to display the incidents and key points, which are going to be part of the essay with an extraordinary beginning.   




The body part of the essay can illustrate in three main subparts:

  1. Experience Column: You need to pen down the key experience starting from the highest preference points to the lowest preference points. 
  2. Personal Experience Column: In this column, you need to draft the passages, which include the opinions, changes, impacts experienced by the writer.
  3. Endpoints: Before you conclude the writing, the body part of the article needs to end up with a conclusion part where you need to make the reader think for a minute what he would do if he was in your position. 



In the conclusion part of the reflective writing, you need to sum up the key points described in the article briefly and should conclude with a good moral or personal note.

The process involved in writing a reflective essay


  • Choosing a Topic


If you’re assigned to a certain topic, then work out on it. But, if you aren’t assigned any topic, then it is crucial to select the topic in which you are pro and can draft a well-constructed article. Topics like-

Emotional Experience

  1. Failure or success story
  2. Special events or days
  3. The special person or conversation
  4. Speeches or lectures 


  1. Hill stations or mountains
  2. Beaches or trekking
  3. Grandma’s home or relatives home
  4. Summer vacation or festivals at a relatives home etc


Influential Experience


  1. Favorite books or novels
  2. TV shows, radio shows, or any programs
  3. Social Media
  4. Blogs, articles, or magazines 
  • Experiencing the Incidents Again

When you are clear about your topic, collect the information, which relates to your subject. When you collected the key points, try to recollect and recapture the incidents that happened in your past or in that particular situation. Close your eyes and memorize the incident so deeply bit-by-bit and enjoy the feeling again as you are experiencing at present. In this way, you can draft the writing more effectively and impressively.

  • Draft the Outline of the Essay and Start Writing

After you gathered the key points and key experiences, now it’s time to bring the basic outline to the essay. The outline of the article constitutes the points that should be inserted in the introduction, body, and conclusion parts of the writing. And then start writing including the gathered key points.

  • Proofread

When you’re done with the writing, proofread the article for grammatical errors and mistakes thoroughly. Proofreading more than three times will be fruitful.




Writing a Reflective Essay takes a long time and one should need to embrace the lines. If you can’t make readers immersed in your writing, then your writing will bluff. That’s why Content Sharp is here to assist you by curating a well-constructed essay where your reader will love your style of writing and applause the writing. We are more than 100 professional writers who strictly adhere to deadlines and provide writings with 0% plagiarism and grammar mistakes. Contact us for further details.

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