A Complete Guide How to Write Academic Essay

Academic essay writing is a style that can easily be learned with the basics of essay writing. Academic writing has a solid and relatable thesis that is supported by relevant evidence. You can take either from your research or another source. The research paper help follows the guidelines and some basic principles for academic essay writing


What is an Academic Essay?


It is a form of writing for students, college, and university in their course. The main purpose of academic writing is to present new information or to utilize the existing knowledge or facts to present specific ideas. Through the academic essay, students can convey their knowledge and creativity to communicate a message. Academic writing is shorter in length and presents the arguments to support the author. 


Features of Academic Essay:


  • Conciseness 

These types of essays are short and in length, it is of 200 to 500 words.

  • Topic

The topic should be small in length and eye-catching.

  • Well – Structured Text

Academic writing essays are informal forms of writing but it should be well structured and have to be in a proper format.

  • Proper focus

An academic essay should have a clear point and the message should be powerful.

  • Supporting Evidence and Facts

An essay should be present with specific evidence and facts to support the arguments. 

People who are expert in academic writing essays also express themselves clearly and more confidently while speaking.


Steps to Writing an Academic Essay


  • Select Topic

The first step in writing an essay is to select the topic and develop a thesis on this statement which is to the point and precise of your essay. There are four types of essays:

  1. A narrative essay requires the author to create a compelling story that is practically imaginable.  This type of story requires creative skills. Their use will help the author to create a strong, graphic picture of their story and enhance the audience’s perception of the topic. 
  2. A descriptive essay chooses a particular thing to describe for the reader. The author requires writing subjective content and selecting the correct words. 
  3. The expository essay is written for the reader to understand the topic by providing information and facts about a particular topic.
  4. Persuasive essays are written to present an argument for the reader to feel a certain way or believe something specific.


  • Research

After selecting the topic you should start to research. If you are writing about some personal stories, research is not required. But for other types of essays, it is crucial to collect the facts that give a boost to your evidence and present accurate information. When considering write my paper for me fast, take help from online or readily information. 


  • Select the Right Source

When you are research your essay prefers academic journals, newspapers, and government websites. Visit the authorized sources for your research. Take the reference from the bottom of the wiki page which is a great way to find reputable sources. 


  • Write Essay

Begin to write an essay with a powerful introduction and your paragraph should include your statement which explains your thesis. Every paragraph should have some introduction so the readers can get the idea of the paragraph. You can attach some statistics and facts which support your arguments. After writing the body paragraph, it’s time to write a conclusion. In conclusion, you should summarize your whole essay. 

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